The first Friday of every month (Stepney Spirit Day) we'll have School Store during lunch.  The children will have the opportunity to purchase a small item or two when they're done eating.


Every month will have a different inventory and the maximum price will be $3. 


Fun pencils

Cool Eraser

Scented Highlighters and Bookmarks

Fun Flavored Chapstick

and MORE!


"Notes from Home" pads for sale for $2.00

"Money from Home" envelopes (10 large/10 small) for $1.50

*NEW* PTO Car Magnets can be ordered throughout the year. 

Please send order form (click the pic!) and check in an envelope marked

"PTO Car Magnets" into school. 

Magnet(s) will be send home with your child(ren).

All proceeds earned will go towards funding Teacher Stipends. 


Every year the PTO gives each teacher a $50 stipend

and each Specials teacher a $200 stipend.


Please have your child(ren) wear our district color RED or any Stepney Spirit Wear from years past on the first Friday of each month to celebrate STEPNEY SPIRIT DAY!