The president's main job is, with the executive board, to set direction for the group. The presidents chair the general PTO meetings and PTO board meetings, as well as oversee the work of the group. They act as the key contact for the PTO; preside at all PTO meetings; coordinate the work of the officers and committees so that the PTO’s objectives can be met. They must speak occasionally at organized events (i.e., Back to School night and Kindergarten Orientation).


Presidents assign fundraisers and events to the vice presidents, and prepare & disseminate the VP binders.


The presidents meet monthly with the Principal. They also handle the scheduling of the event calendar, scheduling of the agenda for principal and board meetings, as well as the researching and scheduling of all fundraisers and events.


The presidents need to meet with the treasurers to create the annual budget and meet monthly to review the budget, checkbook and bank statements. One president must be on the PTO bank account with the treasurers. A president needs to approve all PTO expenses over $100, and constantly communicate with the executive board to ensure all financial procedures are met. If questions arise from the PTO members about the budget and bank accounts, the Presidents shall meet and respond with the concerned party if a treasurer is not available.


All board members must assist the Chairs for PNO (Parents Night Out) when they request help with certain tasks, as well as help fill any vacant Chair positions and help find volunteers for events.


Presidents are to frequently check the mailroom. Communication is very important in this role. Presidents are expected to respond promptly to any questions and to do so in a courteous, professional manner.






Vice presidents act in an advisory capacity to the president(s) and, in the absence of the president(s) shall conduct the presidential duties. They will play a role in day-to-day operations of the PTO, help formulate the group’s long-range plan, work out issues as they arise, and participate in executive board discussions and decision making.


The vice presidents will be responsible for overseeing their binder of events and assisting their chair people in their events as needed.  Responsibilities' also include getting volunteers to chair vacant events.


Vice presidents will closely monitor the income and expenses of their events ensuring correct forms are completed, with proper signatures. They will confirm their event numbers are correct on the PTO budget.


Communication is very important in this role. Vice presidents are expected to respond promptly to any questions your chair’s might have and do so in a courteous, professional manner.


All members of the executive board will assist PNO chairs with various tasks, per their request.







Attend board meetings and participate in discussions and the decision making process.

Type up the agenda developed at executive board meetings for general PTO meetings. Bring copies of agenda and previous meeting’s minutes to PTO meetings.

Prepare the sign-in sheet, set out nametags, and arrange the room for the general meetings. Post a reminder prior to the meeting on PTO Facebook page.

Take minutes at executive board meetings and general PTO meetings, and type them up.

Maintain a complete file of all approved minutes, agendas, and materials distributed including by-laws. Bring this binder to every meeting.

Collect list serve announcements to have principal email to school community each week.

Maintain stock supplies in copy and kitchen.

Maintain PTO bulletin board (lunch menu, upcoming events, volunteer sign ups, forms, etc.).

Maintain a calendar of events and distribute appropriately.

Maintain PTO website, which includes uploading all flyers and forms to PTO website.

Maintain a current list of teacher names, room numbers, and students’ names.

Obtain class size list and post in copy room and mailroom.

All board members must assist the chairs for PNO when they request help with certain tasks, as well as help fill any vacant chair positions and help find volunteers for events.

Other duties as needed.








The Treasurer is entrusted to safeguard the funds and assets of the PTO.  The treasurer is expected to act with the highest integrity while doing so.  Any treasury activities performed on behalf of the PTO that are not covered by the outline below, should be done in the best interests of the PTO and be brought to the immediate attention of the Executive Board.

I. The Treasurers shall:


1. Be responsible for and have custody of all funds of this PTO.

2. Count all money that has been submitted (that must have Money Count Worksheet attached with two signatures from unrelated parties) and deposit all cash in the bank on the same day received or no later than the following business day and all checks within 7 business days. If unable to be deposited on the day received at a school event, the money must be held at the school in the locked area in the office.


3. Collect and keep a timely, full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures of all money of this PTO.


4. Develop with the Executive Board an annual budget to be distributed to and approved by the membership of this PTO at the first general membership meeting of the school year.


5. Co-sign all checks over $200

6. Make disbursements as authorized by the President, Executive Board, or this PTO in accordance with the budget adopted by this PTO.


7. Administer the funds of the organization under the direction of the Executive Board.


8. Report on the financial status and changes in the financial status of the PTO at all PTO  meetings and at other times requested by the Executive Board.


9. Work with accountant to ensure proper tax forms are filed to keep us compliant as a tax exempt entity.

10. Shall submit completed Form 990’s to President(s) for review and approval prior to filing after filing, Treasurers shall show the Presidents the certified mail official return receipt.

11. Submit the financial statements and other accounting and record keeping to the Audit Committee annually, or as requested by that committee, as well as upon change of officer.

12. Ensure all financial controls listed below are adhered to.